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Frequently Asked Questions

January 3, 2014


1)     Where is the Buzzard Creek Ranch Located?

Buzzard Creek Ranch is located in San Saba County, approximately 200 miles southwest of Dallas, 175 miles southwest of Fort Worth, 100 miles northwest of Austin, and 90 miles west of Waco, Texas.   The ranch is located in-between the San Saba and Colorado Rivers, in the northwest part of San Saba county, about 10 miles northwest of the town of San Saba, Texas.  The ranch is located in remote, hilly terrain, with excellent wooded deer habitat, and outstanding hilltop views.


2)     What do the Whitetail Deer Weekend hunts cost?


The Trophy Whitetail Buck Package costs $2000Plus a Typical Boone & Crockett Gross Score based Trophy Buck Kill Fee.

The Trophy Buck Package and includes one Trophy Whitetail Buck,  Two Does, and Two Turkeys.   This package includes three nights (typically Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights) and four days of Hunting.     Hunters are Not Guaranteed a Kill.   However,  you will see many Deer to choose from.  

Only five Trophy Buck packages are usually offered each year, on a first come, first served basis.


There are two Doe/Spike Management Buck "Meat Packages", each with two nights (Friday and Saturday) in the On-Ranch Bunkhouse.  

  1. The classic "Doe/Spike Management Buck" package includes One Doe and Two Turkeys, and costs $525.  
  2. The Youth Hunter package costs $150 for a Youth aged 11-17 and hunting with an Adult Paying Hunter, and also includes One Doe and Two Turkeys. 

With all Buzzard Creek Ranch hunting packages,  a Spike or 3-Point Management Buck can be killed for an Additional $250. 


Wild Hogs and Coyotes may be killed with all packages at no additional fee.


Hunts may be scheduled from October thru the end of February,  since we are in the Managed Lands Deer Program (Level 3).    We only offer Rifle Hunts.


All packages include Ranch Headquarters Service and Bunkhouse Lodging, semi-guided service, and all on-ranch transportation to/from Hunting Blinds.


Two Turkeys are included in each package, but only during the normal Texas November to January Turkey Season.        


3)     How many Bucks can I kill?

With the Trophy Buck package,  only one Trophy Buck,  with Antlers at least "13 Inches" (Wider than the Ears) may be killed.   You are in charge of what level quality (and Final Price) Trophy Buck you shoot.  

The higher the Boone & Crockett Gross Score,  the higher the total cost will be.

Trophy Bucks that score less than 120 pts Boone and Crockett cost $2000.
A Spike (or 3-point) Management Buck may be added for an additional $250 fee.


With the Doe/Spike Management Buck,  only One Spike (or 3-point)  Management Buck may be killed, for an additional $250 fee. 

Button Buck fawns (1/2 year old Fawns,  about 35 lbs,  with small bumps where their antlers will appear next year),  may NOT be killed at any time.   A $200 penalty applies if these are killed !



4)     How many Does can I kill?

One Doe is included in the Doe/Spike "Meat Hunter" Management package.


Two Does are included in the Trophy Buck package.   


5)     Can I kill Turkeys?

Yes, during legal Turkey season.   Both Toms and Hens may be taken during the fall hunts.   During the Spring Turkey season, only Toms may be killed per Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations.  Hunters are limited to two Turkeys.


6)     Can I kill Bobcats, Raccoons, Skunks, or “other varmints”?

No.     However,   Wild Hogs and Coyotes are fair game at any time due to their predation of  deer fawns.


7)     Can I Shoot “Exotic” animals?

No.  The Ranch is not stocked with exotics, and they are unlikely to be seen inside the High Fence.


8)     Do you offer Dove Hunting?

No.  Buzzard Creek Ranch does not currently offer dove hunting.


9)     What are the hunting blinds like?

There are a total of fourteen tower blinds and three ground (brush) blinds at Buzzard Creek Ranch in the 1058 acre hunting preserve.  Most of the Deer hunting Blinds are on 10-foot high towers.   There is one blind on a fifteen-foot tower (The Doublewide Blind - our first 4ft x 8ft double box blind), and three on a five-foot tower  (New Oats, Shorty, Goat Shed).   Tower blinds are well-maintained blinds with sliding windows, carpeted floors, and hunting chairs.  Most blinds can accommodate more than one person. There are eleven tower blinds that draw the deer in from the Brush with either automatic feeders or fall food plots (oats).  There are five  tower  blinds  at  fall  food  plots (three of these also have feeders along with the food plot fields - North, Middle and South Oats), and there are three tower blinds on a sendero (road).  These three sendero tower blinds do not have automatic  feeders or oats, but they are located in good deer travel areas  (NRA, Daddy's, The Last Stand).   There is one ground (brush) blind that is covered by a shed roof - at an automatic feeder - The Goat Shed Blind. The three ground (brush) blind locations all have automatic feeders,  and they all have a choice of a ground blind or a tower blind at the same feeder station  (The Mesquite Blind, the Goat Shed Blind, the Father-In-Law Blind).  You will fine more choices of Blinds to hunt at while you are at Buzzard Creek Ranch than you have time to sample - please take the opportunity to try a "new" Blind each year you come hunt - you may find a "treasure"  you didn't know was out there - they all have their own advantages....


10) Can I hunt on my own, while walking through the ranch?

No.  Buzzard Creek Ranch offers only hunting from fixed deer blind sites.   We will transport you to the blind before each hunt, and pick you up at a predetermined time of your choosing.  You may hunt all day at an individual blind if you like, or you may hunt morning at one blind and evening at another blind.   Hunters choose the Blind that they want to hunt based on a first come – first served basis at the Ranch Headquarters.


11) Can my brother-in-law/friend/spouse/cousin come and watch me hunt?

Yes, Visitors are welcome during your weekend hunt.  To cover transportation and Ranch Headquarters costs while on the ranch, Buzzard Creek Ranch charges $75 per Non-Hunting visitor per weekend.


12) Can my daughter/son/niece/nephew come and watch me hunt?

Yes, we encourage hunters to share their hunting experiences with children.  However, we recommend that children be at least 7 years of age before spending time in the deer blinds.  Children accompanied by an adult guardian may stay at the Ranch Headquarters/Bunkhouse while their hunting party is in the field.  Buzzard Creek Ranch charges $75 per visitor per weekend.  Children must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.


13) What age hunter is included in the “Youth” hunts?

Youth Hunters must be at least 11 years old and less than 18, and must show proof of having completed a Texas Hunters Safety course, have a valid hunting license per TP&WL Regulations, and must be accompanied and supervised by an adult (paid) hunter.  The discounted “Youth” Hunting Booking fee of $150 covers a weekend hunt, a Doe and two turkeys (in season).    Youths may kill a Spike or 3-point Buck for an additional $250.   Adult hunters should aid the youth in the selection of Spike or 3-Point Bucks and mature Adult Does.   Adult hunters must accompany and supervise Youth Hunters at all times.


14) What types of lodging is available?

All Buzzard Creek Ranch weekend hunting packages include a $75 fee per hunting party weekend for use of our two bedroom, one bathroom Bunkhouse.  The Bunkhouse will sleep up to 8 people, and includes electric heating, air conditioning and shower/toilet facilities.  Each bedroom has a double bed and a two-bed bunk bed.  The  fully finished Buzzard Creek Ranch Bunkhouse was built in 2000, and a 10 ft by 24 ft covered deck was added in 2001.   Richland Springs County Special Utility District water is provided via a county road pipeline to the Ranch Headquarters and Bunkhouse.   The Ranch Headquarters building (aka "Green Trailer") is also available to Hunters, and includes a separate bedroom with double bed and sink,  a living room with satellite TV, and a bathroom with toilet and shower.  All lodging is air conditioned and heated. 



15) What does the “Doe / Spike Management Hunt package” $525 Hunting Booking Fee Include?

The $525 Hunting Booking Fee includes a weekend of hunting at Buzzard Creek Ranch (Friday evening, all day Saturday, all day Sunday), a Doe and two Turkeys (in   season),    Ranch  headquarters service (deer field dressing and meat locker),  semi-guided service, and all on-ranch transportation to and from blinds.   You may prearrange hunting times to your particular hunting style.  


16) What does it cost to kill a Trophy Buck?


$2000 is the cost for the Trophy Buck Hunting Booking fee,  which reserves your Hunt and includes one Trophy Buck,  Two Does, and Two Turkeys.


Your total fee Depends on the Buck that you kill,  and may be higher than $2000 depending on your Buck's Gross Boone & Crockett Typical Score.   There is no "Refund" Paid of the $2000 Hunting Booking Fee if the Hunter is not successful in killing a Buck.

We use a simple formula to calculate the Trophy Kill Fee.   Buck Antler Scores GREATER than 120 B&C Gross will require an additional Trophy Buck Fee.

1) If the Buck scores > 120 B&C Gross,  then your ADDITIONAL Trophy Kill fee (due on the last hunt day) will be:
                     $70 per B&C point * (B&C Score-120).

Example 1a- A Buck scoring 130 Points Gross B&C will require an additional fee of $ 700.        ($70 per point *(130-120) )

This $ 700 Trophy fee is in ADDITION to the $2000 Trophy Buck Hunting Booking fee paid in advance to reserve your hunt.   Total Buck cost for 130 points is $2700.

Example 1b- A Buck scoring 140 points Gross B&C will require an additional fee of $1400.     ( $70 per point *(140-120) )

This $1400 Trophy fee is in ADDITION to the $2000 Trophy Buck Hunting Booking fee paid in advance to reserve your hunt.  Total Buck cost for 140 points is $3400.

2) If the Buck scores > 150 B&C Gross,  then your additional Trophy Buck Kill fee (due on the last hunt day) will be:                                $  70 per B&C Point * (B&C Score -120) plus

                $ 100 per B&C Point *(B&C Score -150), 
Example - A Buck scoring 162 Points Gross B&C will require an additional fee of $2100 (for the points up to 150) plus $1200 (for the points from 150 to 162), for a total Trophy Buck cost of $5300,  leaving $3300 additional due on the last day of the hunt.

3) If the Buck scores < 120 B&C Gross,  then no additional fees are due past the $2000 Trophy Buck Hunting Booking Fee.

Example 3a- A Buck scoring 112 Points Gross B&C will cost a total of $2000,  all of which is included in the original Trophy Buck Hunting Booking Fee,  paid at contract signing.

Example 3b- A Buck scoring 105 Points Gross B&C will cost a total of $2000,  all of which is included in the original Trophy Buck Hunting Booking Fee, paid at Contract signing.

Example 3c- A Buck scoring 117 Points Gross B&C will cost a total of $2000,  all of which is included in the original Trophy Buck Hunting Booking Fee, paid at Contract signing. 

Note that ALL Bucks,  Cull or Trophies,  MUST HAVE ANTLERS that EXTEND WIDER than the Buck's Ears 
                                                                            (13 inch Rule")

Buzzard Creek Ranch does not allow killing of Doe Fawns or Button Buck Fawns.


Hunters are encouraged to compare sizes of deer in groups to judge the fawns from adult deer.  Shooting a lone, antlerless deer is not recommended unless you are sure that it is an adult fully-grown Doe.  If a Button Buck fawn is killed by mistake, then an additional fee of $200 per Buck fawn will apply. Doe fawns will count the same as an adult Doe.  (Only 1 Doe is included in the Doe/Spike Management package and the Trophy Buck Package)


17) Is San Saba a two-Buck or one-Buck county?

San Saba County is a two-Buck county.


18) If my friend comes and hunts, and he doesn’t kill a Buck, can I kill “his” Buck?

No.  In accordance with Texas Parks and Wildlife Deer Hunting regulations, each hunter must use the Ranch supplied, special  MLDP tag on their deer, and MLDP tags cannot be “traded”.


19) Do you offer late or early season hunts?

Yes, depending on Managed Lands Deer Program Biologist Harvest recommendations, hunts may be offered during the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP – Level 3) extended season in October, and also in January and February.



20) What happens after I kill a deer?

You should immediately watch where the deer runs to, and wait for at least 10-20 minutes before leaving the blind.  This is to avoid pressuring a wounded deer into running further into the brush.  Keep your eyes on the deer,  and use orange flagging tape (found in the blinds) to mark a prominent tree, bush, or fence post near where the deer went down.  Since all tags are supplied by the ranch - Managed Lands Deer Program, you do not need to tag your deer from your license.  At the prearranged time, we will pick you up at your blind, and help you load the deer into a four-wheel drive vehicle.   We will transport  you  and  your  deer  to  Ranch Headquarters, where the deer will be tagged, aged and weighed  (before and after gutting).  Gutting must be done at the Ranch Headquarters so that deer may be weighed before and after.  If a hunter does not want to gut his own deer, we will do it for you, included in the weekend package hunting booking fee.


Does will be determined to be with/without milk, and Bucks will be scored on the Gross Boone & Crockett Scoring system depending on number and size of antler points.   A Managed Land Deer Tag, supplied by Buzzard Creek Ranch must be affixed to each deer harvested.  Depending on weather conditions, the deer will either be allowed to cool at the headquarters outside, or cooled in our walk-in deer cooler/locker, or you may transport it to a meat locker/deer processing plant in the town of San Saba.   You may make individual deer processing arrangements with the deer processing plant. 


If you wish to enter your trophy buck in the Texas Parks & Wildlife Buck Contest, we will score your deer according to the Boone & Crockett scoring system, and help you fill out an application form.   First time hunters may fill out a TP&WL “1st Time Deer Hunting Award” in order to receive a Certificate in Honor of their First Deer.


21)  Why do you require a Release of Liability and Acknowledgement/Acceptance of Risks?

Buzzard Creek Ranch Operating Company, LLC requires a Hunter’s Release of Liability as a part of the Deer Hunting License Contract, in order to protect both the company and the hunter.   The Release of Liability is an important part of your Buzzard Creek Ranch Operating Company, LLC Hunting License contract.  It is a legally binding document.  Please read it carefully. 


22) Why do I have to sign a contract to hunt at Buzzard Creek Ranch?

Buzzard Creek Ranch wants every hunt to be an enjoyable experience, and believes that there should be “no surprises” on your hunt.  We want you to know of all arrangements and fees before you hunt, and want all specifics to be made available to you in writing, so that you may fully understand what your Buzzard Creek Ranch hunting experience will include.  Questions and Answers in this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document are provided for your information, and provide background to our Ranch policies, procedures, and methods. Your signed contract lists the fee agreement for your deer hunt at Buzzard Creek Ranch, and serves to protect both parties for a successful and enjoyable hunt.


23) What are the cancellation fees?

The Buzzard Creek Ranch Hunting Booking Fee is required for each hunter, in advance of your arrival at the ranch, and should be returned with the signed Hunt License Contract and Liability Release form, usually by September 15th of the year of their Fall hunting weekend.  Receipt of your signed documents and the Hunting Booking fee reserves your hunt on a specific weekend, on a first come, first served basis.   The Hunting Booking fee is nonrefundable should you cancel for any reason.   Trophy Buck Kill Fees and the $250 Spike Buck Kill Fee,  (applicable if a hunter is successful in killing a Management Spike or 3-point Buck with the “Doe/Spike Management Hunt package”) are paid at the end of your weekend hunt. 




24) What are the "Penalty Fees"  for killing Immature Bucks or Button Bucks?

To discourage killing Button Buck Fawns, there is an additional fee of $200 if a Button Buck is killed by mistake instead of a Doe.  For this reason, we strongly encourage hunters to look carefully at antlerless deer, and judge the size of the animal, the length of the nose (adult Does have longer, straight noses) and look for small “buttons” or antler “bumps” on the heads of the male Button Buck fawns – we don’t want to kill Button Buck Fawns, since they will be trophy Bucks in a few years.  Also, very late in the season, (February) it is possible that old Buck deer may have already lost their horns – we don’t want to kill these either, so be sure of your target before you shoot…..





25) Can I reserve a hunt for next year?

Yes, Payment of the Hunting Booking fee for each hunter is required to reserve next year hunts in advance.


26) How often can I come and hunt at Buzzard Creek Ranch?

Up to 4 hunters per weekend on up to four weekends are available each year.  Assuming no conflict with other hunting party reservations on a first come-first served basis, you could reserve additional weekends as they are available each fall for deer hunting.  The Hunting Booking Fee will apply for each hunter on each weekend.  We limit the number of Trophy Buck Hunts and Doe Harvested each year based on our TP&WL Biologist recommendations.


27) What transportation is available on the ranch?

Four-wheel drive pickup trucks and a Polaris four wheel drive 6 passenger utility vehicle are used to transport you to and from blinds.


28) Can I use my own four-wheel drive pickup or ATV on the Ranch?

No.  You are welcome to drive your own pickup directly to the Ranch Headquarters, and to and from San Saba or neighboring towns if you want to visit the local sights.  However, we do not allow personal vehicles in the hunting areas of the ranch in order to limit the disturbance to the wildlife during deer hunting season.  We will transport you to and from your deer hunting blind using 4 wheel drive vehicles provided by the Ranch.  


29) What have been the results for hunting for the last few years?

Buzzard Creek Ranch has been intensively managed for whitetail deer quality for the last 20 years.   The deer herd is estimated to have about one adult deer to about every 8-10 acres, with less than a 2:1 Doe/Buck ratio.   In order to achieve this desirable Doe/Buck ratio, a large number of Does have been harvested in the past years of hunting.  


The following are examples of trophy and management Bucks that have been taken in the past few years:

1995:    11-point buck, 21 ½” spread, approximately 140 points.

1996:    13-point buck, scoring 142 6/8 points net, 20 inch spread.

  9 pt buck, 16 inch spread

1997:    Does only killed during 1997 season.

1998:    Cull Bucks Killed – 3-pt still in velvet, two large 7-points, 

 one 8-Point buck, 16 inch wide; and 6 Does

1999:    Large 8-point buck, 7-point cull buck (120-130 points); 12 Does.

2000:    26 Does Harvested, Several Large bucks seen, but none killed.

2001:    One Large 9-point Buck, 1 spike, and 26 Does.

2002:    One 12-pt, One 9-pt, One 8-pt, One atypical 8-pt, and 27 Does.

2003:    3 Spikes Killed.  All Trophy Bucks were let to “Walk”, 20 Does

2004:    One large 9-point Buck, One large 8-point Buck, one very wide,

   old, 7-point Buck,  2 spikes,  12 Does

2005:   One large 8-point Buck (was a 10 point, but lost brow tines fighting)

            weighed 198 pounds live. 

             One large 9-point Buck – weighed 165 pounds live,  

             One 8-Point, 14 Does

2006:    Seven Trophy Bucks, including  one 10-Point, two 9-Points,

             four 8-Point, 15 Does

2007:    Four Bucks:  including one large 10-point,  (145 pts B&C),  

             a strong wide 8-Point,  9- point,  and 11-point Trophy Buck;

             Three Management Spikes,  and 16 Does 

2008:    Only 6 Spikes and 8 Does were killed this season. 

              1st year of the new High Fence.    Cull Bucks Managed.  

             All Trophy Bucks were let to walk: better Bucks next year.
2009:    Five Trophy Bucks,  two Does, and 3 spikes were killed.
             The Trophy Bucks ranged from 9 points to 13 points, and up to 
             24 inches wide.  B&C scores 126 3/8, 131 6/8, 133 3/8, 145 2/8, 172 1/8.  Average 142
2010:    Six Trophy Bucks, 10 does, 2 spikes killed.  The Trophy Bucks included one 8-pt, one 9-pt, 

            two 10-pts, one 11-pt, and one 12-pt.    B&C scores 111, 114, 124 3/8, 133 1/8, 

            146 6/8, and 157 7/8.    Average 131 B&C.   
2011:    Six Trophy Bucks,  14 Does, 6 spikes killed.  The Trophy Bucks included one six pt, 

            three 8-pts, one 10-pt, and one 11-pt.   B&C scores 105 6/8, 120, 124 1/8, 135,

            137 6/8, 152 2/8.  Average B&C 129 
2012:     Five Trophy Bucks, 14 does, 7 spikes killed.   The Trophy Bucks included two 8-pts,

             two 10-pts, and one 12-pt.   B&C scores 110 3/8,  130 1/8, 132 1/8, 138 2/8, 143 3/8.

             Average B&C score 131.

2013:    Three Trophy Bucks,  22 Does, 7 Spikes Killed.   The Trophy Bucks were all Ten Points.

             B&C Scores for the Trophy Bucks 152 4/8, 147 2/8, 134 2/8,   Average B&C 145.


                       Overall Buck Quality :

· 10-Point or better – 18%

· 9-Point – 21%

· 8-Point – 42%

· 7-Point – 16%

· 6-Point – 3%


Spotlight Deer Surveys and Daylight Deer Sightings are done each year in August per the Managed Land Deer Program.  These surveys indicate the number of Bucks, number of Does, and Fawn survival rate each year.   The Survey results are used by the Managed Lands Deer Program's Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist to recommend an annual Buck and Doe Harvest (and allocate number of  MLDP Deer Tags). 


The past few years of MLDP Deer Survey results are:

                      2001  2002  2003  2004  2005  2006 2007  2008_2009_ 2010_ 2011  2012  2013

                     Does/Buck  3.0    1.72   2.91   2.60  1.89   2.83   2.40  1.62   0.88  1.39   1.09   1.41   1.37
                     Fawns/Doe 0.93   0.51   0.84   0.92  0.47   0.29  0.67   0.50  0.53   0.64   0.59   0.41   0.36

2013 Spotlight Survey Results:
                     Does/Buck   1.37 to 1
                     Fawns/Doe    0.36 to 1
                     Acres/Deer   7.5    (about 141 Deer total on the place)



30) How many years has Buzzard Creek Ranch offered paid hunts?

The 2013-2014 Season is the fourteenth year offering paid Whitetail Deer Hunts.

This is the 23rd year of intensive management for quality whitetail deer.

This is the 17th year of Managed Land Deer Program (Level 3) for Buzzard Creek Ranch.


This is the 6th year of Hunting behind the new in '08  High Fence at Buzzard Creek Ranch.



31) I want to kill Does for meat hunting in January – do you offer late season hunts?

Yes, we may offer Meat (Doe) hunts in October,  and also in late January and February.   The amount of Doe hunts available will depend on hunter success during the fall season, habitat condition, and the Biologist’s Deer Harvest recommendations and remaining MLDP tags.


32) Do I have exclusive hunting rights on the Buzzard Creek Ranch during my hunt weekend?

No, there will be up to 4 hunters per weekend.  If your hunting party includes a total of 4 hunters, then your party will be the only party hunting the ranch that weekend.


33) Does Buzzard Creek Ranch offer season deer leases?

No, we only offer weekend hunts.


34) Do you offer taxidermy products for my trophy?

If you wish, we will coordinate taxidermy for your trophy deer with an excellent taxidermist located in the San Saba area.   Or, you may take your deer to the taxidermist of your choice.  All state laws regarding transport of deer carcasses, heads, and antlers must be followed.


35) What weapons can I use to hunt deer at Buzzard Creek Ranch?

We offer only RIFLE hunts at Buzzard Creek Ranch.  We require rifle hunting due to the typically 75-125 yard distances involved between our tower blinds and food plots or feeders.


36) How old does a hunter have to be to hunt at Buzzard Creek Ranch?

Adult hunters must be at least 18 years of age.   The Youth Discount applies for hunters from the ages of 11 to 17.  Youth Hunters must show proof of completion of an approved Texas Hunter’s Safety Course, per Texas Parks and Wildlife Regulations.  All hunters must have a valid TP&WL Texas Hunting License.


37) What happens if I wound a deer and can’t find it?

Hunters must take every opportunity to cleanly kill wild game, and locate game after they shoot.   Hunters should not shoot if they are not confident in their ability to cleanly kill game under the conditions of the day.  After a shot is made, stay in the blind and watch where the game moves.   After waiting at least 10-20 minutes, visually observe where the animal has moved to, and mark the location with a prominent tree, rock, fence post, etc.  If the deer goes down, keep your eyes on it until you are sure it is down for good.  If the deer gets up,  SHOOT IT AGAIN IMMEDIATELY.  NOW!  If you cannot locate the downed animal, attempt to locate a blood trail, and mark with white tissue or flagging tape.   Do not follow or trail a deer across Ranch cross-fence lines.   Wait for the prearranged pickup time and we will assist you.


38) What is the rifle-sight-in location used for?

On the day of arrival, all hunters are required to sight-in their rifles to ensure that equipment failure has not occurred during transportation.   Using a 100-yard target distance, hunters will be required to demonstrate their ability to hit an eight-inch square target.   Any legal means of holding the rifle for hunting is allowed, including bench rest, bipod, sandbags, etc. 


39)  Can I bring my friend and just have him stay at the Ranch Headquarters while I hunt?

                  Yes.  Although we limit each weekend to 4 hunters,

                                       you may bring friends, assuming there is room in the BunkHouse. 

                              Each non-hunting guest will be allowed to accompany you

                                      on your hunt as you wish.  

                             A $75 visitor fee is charged for on-ranch transportation

                                     and Ranch Headquarters services.


40) What is the deer population like?

We survey the deer population for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) using daylight observations and night spot light surveys.   During the day/night deer surveys, we typically observe less than about a 2:1 Doe/Buck ratio, and many Bucks in the 6 to 12 point range.  A typical trophy Buck is 8 to 12 points, with widths up to 22 inches.   Mature Bucks typically weigh up to 180 pounds, with the record (2005) being 198 pounds.  Mature Does typically weigh up to 100 pounds, with the record (2003) being 126 pounds (Live Weight).  


41) How many acres are included in Buzzard Creek Ranch?

1057 acres are included in Buzzard Creek Ranch, completely High Fenced.  There are five connected low-fenced pastures inside the High Fence.   Each deer feeder is enclosed in a Hog and Cattle Proof low fence to ensure that only deer receive supplemental feed, especially when cattle are grazing the native pastures.  Cattle typically use only the Coastal Bermuda fields on the north and  south ends of the ranch in the Spring and Summer, and are usually moved off the Ranch in Late November or December, depending on Weather conditions.


42) How many deer blinds do you have?

There are a total of 14 tower blinds, three without feeders or food plots- but located on high Deer travel areas, and eleven at automatic feeders / food plots.  Most tower blinds are 10 feet tall, with carpeted doublewide (4ft by 8ft floor) box blinds with sliding windows.  Eleven blinds have automatic feeders or planted food (oats) plots.   Supplemental feeding of corn, deer pellets and blocks is done year round.  We added two new “single hunter” (4ft by 4ft floor) Deer blinds in 2002, an additional blind in 2003, two new Box blinds adjacent to ground (brush) blinds at existing feeders for all weather hunting  in 2007, and upgraded three blinds in 2008 - a new 4x4 ft Box Blind at the Goat Shed Feeder, a new 4x4 ft Box Blind at the Mesquite Feeder, and a new 4x8 ft "double wide" Box Blind at the Old Oats Field.


43) Tell me about the supplemental feeding program.

Approximately 70,000 pounds of corn, deer pellets, and deer blocks are supplied year round to the deer herd annually at Buzzard Creek Ranch.  While the ranch includes many Oak trees, forbes, and natural deer browse, supplemental feeding ensures that deer receive extra nutrition during the normal stress periods of late winter and late summer.  In addition to automatic feeders, Buzzard Creek Ranch has five planted fields for supplemental feeding of deer, up to about 3 acres in size.  Oats are planted in these fields in the fall, to provide forage for the deer during hunting season and the winter.  One field has had a spring planting of Tecomate lab-lab and cowpeas for supplemental feeding through the summer.


44) What does the TP&WL Biologist do for Buzzard Creek Ranch?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist provides technical guidance to the Buzzard Creek Ranch deer program.  Deer Habitat improvement recommendations and Harvest Guidelines are updated annually. In addition to the TP&WL Biologist,  we are working with a local Biologist who helps with our management of the Deer Herd inside the High Fence.  


45) If I don’t want to keep the deer meat, what should I do?

Buzzard Creek Ranch recommends that deer hunters donate deer meat to the local locker plant for the “Texas Hunters for the Hungry” program.


46) What is the Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) and how does it apply to hunting at Buzzard Creek Ranch?

The MLDP is a Texas Parks and Wildlife program designed to improve the quality of deer hunting throughout Texas.   Landowners work with Texas P & WL Biologists  who  recommend  ways  to  improve  the deer habitat and suggest deer harvest guidelines in order to improve the quality of the deer herd.   The harvest guidelines are determined based on Spotlight Surveys of the Deer Herd done in August each year.  The Managed Lands Deer Program provides special Buck and Doe tags for the Deerno Tags are required off of your license.   We can only kill up to the amount of Buck and Doe tags provided us by the Managed Lands Deer Program.   This quota is based on Annual Spotlight Deer Surveys.


Buzzard Creek Ranch has been a member of the MLDP since 1997.   Hunters at Buzzard Creek Ranch will be required to tag their deer with a special MLDP tag, supplied by the ranch, for the MLDP.   Tagging and Gutting are done at the Ranch Headquarters, not in the field.  Deer will be required to be weighed both before and after field dressing (gutting), and Does will be determined to be with or without milk (lactating).   Buck antlers will be measured according to the MLDP requirements using the Boone & Crockett Gross Scoring system.  The MLDP allows extended seasons using all types of legal weapons during both October and through February.  During the regular Deer Hunting season, up to four Weekend Hunts will be available from October through December.  Depending on hunter success during the Fall, late season hunts may be available.



47)  What should I do to reserve my hunt for this year?

Please E-mail us at  Buzzardcrk1@aol.com to reserve your weekend hunt.   Up to four hunters may hunt each weekend. We will have up to four weekend hunts each year.   Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.  Let us know what type of Whitetail Deer Hunt you are looking for,  how many hunters,  and approximately when you would like to Hunt.   We will contact you back to work out details and then we will mail you a copy of the Buzzard Creek Ranch Operating Company, LLC Hunting License Contract and a Liability Release form.   Each hunter should sign both forms, keep one copy of each for yourself, and return the forms and a check made payable to:


Buzzard Creek Ranch Operating Company, LLC


in the amount of $2000 (Trophy Whitetail Buck Hunting Booking Fee),   
                                 $525 (Doe/Spike Meat Hunt package”) 
                                    or $150 (Youth Doe/Spike hunting with paying adult hunter) 
           for each hunter to reserve your spot.   

We will work with you to arrange a hunt weekend that fits your schedule.


Let us know how many Non-Hunting Visitors ($75 each) and/or Youth Hunters ($150 each) are in your party, and include their payments and forms. 


We will provide a map to the ranch when we receive your signed copy of the Hunting License Contract and Liability Release Form and your Hunting Booking Fee payment.  


Arrive at the Ranch by noon on the first day of your reserved hunt. Once at the Ranch, you can get your rifle sighted in, and go hunting later that day!


Good Luck !    


Buzzard Creek Ranch


e-mail:   Buzzardcrk1@aol.com



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