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Buzzard Creek Ranch History

Texas Rangers at Buzzard Creek










Year 1693 - Comanche Indians Break from Shoshone people in Wyoming.

Year 1720 - Comanches Migrate to Southern Plains and Central Texas.














Year 1742 - Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher born in Rostock, Germany.

Year 1750 - Comanches Become Masters of the Southern Plains on Horseback.

Year 1758 - Blucher joins Swedish Army as a Hussar at Age 16.    Cavalry.

Year 1760 - Blucher Captured by Prussian Hussars, joins their German Regiment.

Year 1773 - Dissatisfied with the Army, Blucher Sends a Rude Letter to the King.

Year 1773 - Blucher's Army Resignation Accepted by King Frederick the Great.

                  Der Rittmeister von Blücher kann sich zum Teufel scheren

                  (Cavalry Captain von Blücher can go to the devil).

Year 1786 - Frederick the Great Dies; Blucher reinstated as a Major in Red Hussars. 












Year 1811 - Comanche Indians Carve Water Catcher Holes on Indian Point Hilltop.

Year 1815 - Blucher's Decisive Flanking Action Saves Wellington at Waterloo.

Year 1842 - Under a Comanche Moon,  Indians Attack Austin from Buzzard Creek.

Year 1846 - Comanche Indian Chief Loses Perfect Arrowhead Point near Main Blind.



















Year 1867 - General Blucher's Great Nephew Surveys Texas; Names Blucher Mountain.

Year 1896 -Texas Rangers camp at Buzzard's WaterHole, searching The San Saba Mob.

Year 1931 - China Creek Road South Field Planted in Cotton, during The Depression.

Year 1937 - Norma Raike operates the 1700 Acre "Raike Place" at Buzzard Creek.

Year 1945 - "Raike Reservoir" Dam Built; Galvanized Pipeline Run to South Cabin.

Year 1970 - A & B Operate Raike Ranch; prepare Lodge site on Old Baldy Hilltop.

Year 1991 - Wichita Falls PCA Sells Raike Ranch East Half to Schaar / Gill.

Year 1991Buzzard Creek Ranch Starts Operation in San Saba County.

Year 1993 - First Buck Killed - Buzzard Creek Ranch. DBG Old Oats CMS/KMG.

Year 1995 - Hot Water, Electricity Installed at Ranch Headquarters Green Trailer.

Year 1997 - Texas Parks & Wildlife Managed Lands Deer Program, Level 3, Starts.

Year 1998 - Buzzard Creek Ranch expands to the North, Reaching BlackTop Highway.

Year 2000 - Buzzard Creek Ranch BunkHouse Installed; Paid Hunting Operations Begin.

Year 2001100 Cumulative Deer Killed since 1991.  Restoring Doe to Buck Balance.

Year 2001 - Buzzard Creek Ranch expands to the East, Extending Highway Frontage.

Year 2002 - 1.7 to 1   Doe to Buck Ratio Achieved.  Goal is less than 2 Does per Buck.

Year 2005200 Cumulative Deer Killed since 1991.  Managed Lands Deer Program.

Year 2008 - Buzzard Creek Ranch was High Fenced with 8-foot, STA-TITE Net wire.

Year 2009 - Best Ever Doe to Buck ratio of 0.88 to 1.0 achieved

Year 2010 - House On The Hill (HOTH) Constructed at Buzzard Creek Ranch Old Baldy Flat Spot

Year 2010 - New Record Best Buck killed at Buzzard Creek Ranch - 13 Point, 157 7/8 Boone and Crockett

Year 2012 - Doe to Buck ratio at 1.41 to 1.0 -- Excellent Maintained ratio against the goal of < 2.0 to 1.0


Best Buck  - Thirteen Point Buck Killed,   Scoring 158 points Boone and Crocket

Heaviest Buck (Live Weight) 198 lbs                 Heaviest Doe (Live weight)   126 lbs  




















Note - A German idiom to this day, "ran wie Blücher" ("on it like Blücher"),

meaning that someone is taking a very direct and aggressive action,

                                                                     in war or otherwise.

















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